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Tillington Hills

The Passage to Shangri La

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  • Synopsis

    Tillington Hills (Cy Henty), a member of the prestigious Adventurer's Club, returns from his worldwide travels where he captured Pongo (Sam Ball), a monkey boy. Tasked with the job of educating Pongo in the ways of the civilised world, Tillington's battles his way through trials and tribulations, encountering The Wormit (Al Ronald) along the way.

  • Cast

    in order of appearance:

    Narrator - Paul Battin

    Tillington Hills - Cy Henty

    Grenola Cherryton - Suzy Bloom

    Government Scientist - Joseph Dewey

    Parsons - Adam J Samuel

    Pongo - Sam Ball

    Radio Announcer - Dylan Henty

    The Wormit - Al Ronald

  • Creatives

    Director - Adam J Samuel


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